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Volume X
January 2020 The Fundamentals of Circuit Breakers
February 2020 IP Rating System For Ingress Protection
March 2020 7-Way Receptacle and Pin Degradation
April 2020 Combatting COVID-19 While On The Road
May 2020 Is Your On-Board Toolbox Prepared for a Breakdown?
June 2020 Are Your Gladhands Polarized?
July 2020 Air Line Selection Tips
August 2020 Two Is Better Than One - Cable Support for Combination Assemblies
September 2020 Swinger Gladhand General Care and Maintenance
October 2020 Out with the Old, In with the New Adapter Fitting
November/December 2020 Is Your Stowage Doing More Damage Than Good?

Volume IX
January 2019 Keeping Corrosion Out at the Liftgate Connection
February 2019 LIGHTS OUT?
March 2019 7-Way Receptacle and Pin Degradation
April 2019 Inspecting and Replacing Gladhand Seals
May 2019 Using the Proper Liftgate Cable Size (2 ga. vs. 4 ga.)
June 2019 The Importance of a Quality Spring
July 2019 How to Build a Custom Battery Cable
August 2019 Pinpricking Rubber Air Hoses
September 2019 Air Line Inspection and Replacement
October 2019 Get A Grip…..On Your Air Lines
November/December 2019 Winter Trailer Lighting

Volume VIII
January 2018 Avoid Air Line Failure in Extreme Winter Weather Conditions
February 2018 Preventative Maintenance for Light Duty 4 and 6-Way Connections
March 2018 Support and Protection for Combination Assemblies
April 2018 Heat Shrink Tubing – Proper Selection & Installation Tips to Help Avoid Downtime
May 2018 Cable Support for UNDER the Trailer
June 2018 How To Repair An Air Coil Lead In An Emergency By Replacing The Fitting
July 2018 Primary Wiring Installation Guidelines
August 2018 Don't Replace That Battery Just Yet!
September 2018 Rubber or Nylon?
October 2018 In the Dark about How to Find the Right Dome Lamp?
November/December 2018 Combatting Electrical Corrosion

Volume VII
January 2017 Liftgate Cable and Connection Maintenance
February 2017 Proper Support for Coiled Cables with Long Leads
March 2017 Replacing a J560 7-Way Plug
April 2017 Simple Reasons and Easy Fixes for Failed Lighting
May 2017 The Basics of a Multimeter
June 2017 Electrical Measurements on a Multimeter
July 2017 Recommended Cable Support Installation for Combination Assembly
August 2017 Splicing to Avoid Corrosion in the 7- Way Harness
September 2017 Tips for Composite Fitting Installations
October 2017 Glandhand Maintenance
Nov/Dec 2017 Protect Your Vehicle This Winter From Cold Weather Damage and Corrosion

Volume VI
January 2016 What’s Eating Your Vehicle?
February 2016 Auxiliary/ISO Plug and Socket Corrosion Prevention
March 2016 Why SAE J3082 ?
April 2016 Minimizing and Managing Winter Damage
May 2016 Proper Installation of Cable Clamp Holders
June 2016 De-icing Chemicals and Corrosion Do Not Take a Summer Break
July 2016 Single Pole or Dual Pole Cables: What’s the Difference?
August 2016 Are Your Batteries Fully Charged?
September 2016 A Properly Sealed Air Line is Extremely Important!
October 2016 Winterizing Your Electrical Harness

Volume V
January 2015 Combatting De-Icing Chemicals
February 2015 How To Repair A Damaged Air Coil Fitting In An Emergency
March 2015 How To Repair A Damaged Air Coil In An Emergency
April 2015 Maintaining the “Arteries” of the Battery Charging System
May 2015 Plug & Socket Preventive Maintenance
June 2015 Common Reasons for Lighting Failure
July 2015 Sealed AMP Style Lighting Connections
August 2015 Selecting the Right Gladhand to Help Prevent Corrosion
September 2015 What is RoHS Compliance?
October 2015 What to Consider When Choosing a Nosebox
November 2015 Can Washing Your Truck Cause Damage?
December 2015 Why Air Lines Fail in Winter

Volume IV
January 2014 The Importance of Keeping Your Liftgate Battery Charged
February 2014 7-Way Sockets and Trailer Harness Wire Connections
March 2014 Incandescent vs. LED Truck Lighting
April 2014 Proper Air Brake System Maintenance
May 2014 Voltage Drop Test Procedures - Sealed Harness
June 2014 Voltage Drop Test Procedures - Exposed Wiring
July 2014 How to Repair A Severed Rubber Air Line
August 2014 The Path of Least Resistance
September 2014 Terminal Types: Vinyl / PVC, Nylon, & Heat Shrink
October 2014 Primary Wiring
November 2014 Battery Terminals And Lugs
December 2014 Vehicle Emergency Item Check List

Volume III
January 2013 Composite vs. Brass
February 2013 Proper Airline Selection (Part 1 of 2)
March 2013 Proper Airline Selection (Part 2 of 2)
April 2013 Corrosion & the 7- Way Connection
May 2013 ABS Cabling vs. non-ABS Cabling
June 2013 Need More Power for Your Trailer?
July 2013 What Exactly is SAE J560?
August 2013 How to Determine Wire Size for Your Electrical Wiring Needs
September 2013 Staying Grounded
October 2013 How to Build a Custom Battery Cable
Novemeber 2013 Fundamentals of CSA
December 2013 Improving Vehicle Maintenance Performance under CSA

Volume II
January 2012 Winter Air Hose Maintenance
February 2012 Battery Maintenance
March 2012 The Difference Between Quality Air Coils and Those of a Lesser Quality Part 1
April 2012 The Difference Between Quality Air Coils and Those of a Lesser Quality Part 2
May 2012 Cable Support - Properly Maintaining Your Hoses
June 2012 Is Your Cargo Safe?
July 2012 Is Your Battery Trying to Tell You Something?
August 2012 Copper and Water – A Bad Combination for Your Electrical System
September 2012 Copper and Water – A Bad Combination for Your Electrical System Part 2
October 2012 Proper Installation of Sealed Crimp Connectors
November 2012 Winterizing Your Electrical Harness
December 2012 Troubleshooting Trailer Lights

Volume I
November/December 2010 Corrosion and Your Electrical Systems
January 2011 How to Measure Coiled Electrical Cables Properly
February 2011 Maintenance Tips to Increase Life of Split Pin Sockets
March 2011 A properly sealed air line is extremely important!
April 2011 How to Replace a Gladhand Seal
May 2011 Is your liftgate keeping you down?
June 2011 Troubleshooting Trailer Lights
July 2011 Electrical Terminology Explanation
August 2011 Electrical Terminology Explanation Part 2
September 2011 Lighting Technologies for Trailers
October 2011 Plug Preventive Maintenance to Reduce Corrosion Build Up
November 2011 Gladhands and Corrosion - Part 1 - The Gladhand Body
December 2011 Gladhands and Corrosion - Part 2


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