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Electrical maintenance problems are one of the top maintenance costs facing commercial vehicle operators today. 

The Qwik Tech Tips newsletter published monthly by Phillips Industries addresses specific issues that can cause problems and offers "Qwik" solutions.

Phillips Industries is a leading supplier, innovator and manufacturer of advanced electrical and air brake interface equipment for the commercial vehicle industry. Their expertise in finding solutions through an aggressive testing and product development program can help any heavy vehicle operator reduce their own costs from electrical problems.  For instance, corrosion build up in electrical systems causes enormous cost, in both time and money and Phillips is doing testing every day to find ways to reduce those costs.  Phillips personnel are in constant contact with vehicle operators, asking about their problems and offering solutions.

  • A single pole charge cable only carries a positive (+) charge, while a dual pole cable has an internal ground allowing it to carry both a positive (+) and negative (-) charge to the liftgate batteries.
  • An insufficient ground can cause the current to seek out another ground source, such as the ground wire found in a 7-way cable. If the return power routes through the 7-way cable ground it will melt it and ruin the cable.
  • Undercharged liftgate batteries will cause the liftgate motor to power directly from the tractor, which can overload the charge cable resulting in damage from overheated wires.
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